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Space Adventures Thrill Show

This is a space themed, educational thrill show. We pride ourselves in using the STEM Curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
During each show, our amazing and talented stars perform death defying acts, while I explain how these acts use the foundations of STEM. 
The background of our show is a 53 foot long semi that stands 25 feet tall! 
The highlight of our show is the all new NEVER BEFORE SEEN Galaxy Globe! This is a brand new act! No one else in the world has one of these. The Galaxy Globe is a Motorcycle Globe with a track on the outside which also has a motorcycle and an aerialist who flies around the globe. 
We also do an educational juggling act, and comedy thrilling trampoline act, and I also discuss the new SLS Rocket which will be taking us back to the Moon in a few years.

The Amazing Bubble Factory

The Amazing Bubble Factory brings the amazing art of bubbles to life right in front of the audience’s eyes! A self proclaimed Bubbleologist, Jamie’s brand of humor and showmanship both excites and entertains the crowd as he creates thousands of bubbles. Producing bubbles from the size of a pea to the size of a minivan, The Amazing Bubble Factory makes a product that lightens the heart and brings everyone back to their childhood regardless of age.

Bama Air Dogs

They jump! They catch! They run on four legs! They lick! The impressive Bama Air Dogs will blow your mind at CityFest 2024! Watch as they leap, bound, and win over the audience’s hearts with their fur-filled tricks.

Kreher Preserve

Get ready to explore the wonders of space with Kreher Preserve! Kreher Preserve will examine how space and nature interact, providing an exciting educational experience. Join us at CityFest 2024 for a day of learning and amazement!

Auburn University Raptor Center

Get up close and personal with feathered friends at CityFest 2024. The Auburn University Raptor Center will be present with their winged companions to provide raptor education and promote conservation.

Korea Fest

Get ready for Korea Fest, a celebration of all things Korean, happening on Saturday, April 27th at CityFest. This festival is an incredible opportunity to experience the rich and diverse culture of Korea. With a variety of activities and events, there is something for everyone at Korea Fest. You can enjoy traditional Korean music and dance performances or try your hand at traditional crafts like paper lantern-making and hanbok dressing. Mark your calendars for this exciting event and join us for a day of fun and discovery with Korea Fest!

Taiwan Center

The Auburn University Office of International Programs is excited to bring the Taiwan Center to CityFest 2024. The Taiwan Center will be a wonderful display of all things Taiwanese. You can enjoy traditional crafts, view ancient artifacts and more!

Todd Key

Come one! Come all! Step right up to see expert stilt-walker Todd Key. This 12-foot-tall entertainer will make your jaw drop with what he can do while in the air. He has traveled all around the U.S. walking and has even performed for the President at The White House! Auburn CityFest is lucky to have this incredible performer show his talents on April 27th!


Auburn University ScoutFest

The Boy Scouts of America are gearing up to bring an exciting exhibit to CityFest 2024. The Saugahatchee District Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts will facilitate activities such as basketball games, cornhole, paper rockets, and more! There will also be educational materials and membership info. Be sure to stop by their exhibit at CityFest 2024 for some guaranteed fun!

Auburn Astronomical Society

Come explore the wonders of space at Auburn CityFest 2024! The Auburn Astronomical Society will be at CityFest 2024 with telescopes in tow. Stop by to get a glimpse of the sun and learn more about our amazing universe!
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